About Us

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to TrustPrices, an outdoor lifestyle publication for those who value good design and the great outdoors. It's our goal every week to publish a wealth of original content that will inform and inspire our readers to get outside and explore the world around them by publishing content from our New York City-based editors.

Founded in 2020 by Jakob Owen, who is an outdoors lover/design nerd/writer/photographer based out of Brooklyn, New York, TrustPrices is an online marketplace powered by pricing information of the highest quality. In this little corner of the internet, we have an ever-expanding list of award winning photojournalists, professional athletes, writers, photographers, and other buzzword types who contribute to our content from more than 12 different countries around the globe. Our little corner of the internet is owned by a skeleton crew of dedicated media types.

There are a lot of people like us out there-uncompromising city dwellers who are obsessed with aesthetics and live for weekends filled with weekend adventures and the next big trip. That's why we make content for them. Our hobbies include hiking, camping, climbing, riding bikes, and snowboarding. In between bouldering sessions, we brown bag beers, and on the beach when the waves are crazy, we carry brown bags of beer to the beach (don't worry, we're always recycling). In terms of claiming KOMs and PRs on a daily basis, we may not be claiming them on a regular basis, but we did once set up a Strava account with the idea of doing so.

Besides being nature lovers and multi-hyphenates from a variety of backgrounds, we are also making content for weekend warriors who want to get inspired for their next holiday, learn about the hottest new gear, or simply find a visual escape that goes perfectly with that second mid-morning coffee they are drinking right now.